When it comes down to all of the finer details in life, how is it that we can ever really be certain just how well we know a person?

Is the extent of a relationship defined by the quantity of information that is so willingly given out or the quality of that very same information and more importantly, the raw emotion that lay behind it?

Is it hidden in the way that they so bravely bare their soul or is it merely a matter of picking up on all of the cautious little ways that they so carefully try to hide it?

Is it dependant upon their willingness to share their hopes and their dreams or more so the fact that they are open to telling us the contents of their lunchbox on any given day?

Is it more about the big things; the make or break moments that have occurred throughout their life or the constant little things that seem to fill their day with smiles?

Is how well we know a person based solely upon the notion that we know where it is they are heading or is it perhaps more valuable to become familiar with where it is they have been?

Is it about the endless things that make them smile from the very moment they walk out that front door or the precious little things that appear to be so safely hidden behind it?

Is a persons character defined by all of the grand life lessons that have been carelessly thrown their way or is the simple fact that we know without a doubt, that they prefer breakfast over lunch enough to vouch for who they are?

Is a long lasting conversation about third world hunger likely to give us an insight into the inner workings of a persons mind or do we have the ability to gain so much more from a simple, yet detailed observation of their uniquely beautiful quirks?

Is what they so openly tell us going to give us the answers that we seek or is what we are all truly looking for hidden behind that sparkle in their eyes, each and every time that they say nothing at all?

Is the truest indication of a persons nature shown in all of the facets that they so willingly allow to shine through or are the real secrets the deep and mysterious parts that always seem to lie so carefully hidden, only to emerge in amongst the darkest of clouds?

At the end of the day, are we expected to form friendships by delving into the depths of a persons memories, praying that we don’t come out empty handed or is it hoped that we simply sit back and patiently wait for the truth to happily be handed to us?

At the end of the day, aside from the overwhelming voice inside our heads and the instant, undeniable feeling inside our hearts, when it comes to matters of the human race; how can we ever really be certain just what it is that we are getting ourselves into?