After just one single day of a practitioner training course that I am certain will change my life forever, this is what I have come to know:

1. Sharing your story with a complete stranger, while often slightly difficult, can be rewarding in ways we never could have imagined.

2. Having a complete stranger share their story with you, is a privilege that can open your eyes to a sense of understanding and empathy that no amount of words could ever fully express.

3. I am lucky, so incredibly lucky.

4. Life affects us all individually, often to varying degrees.

5. A day that has been ‘filled’ does not always mean that your days are being fulfilled.

6. Genuine authenticity in regards to a persons nature, speaks in ways that words simply cannot.

7. It is often our most painful experiences that lead us to our most rewarding lessons.

8. Believing we understand something and actually understanding that particular something are two very, very different things.

9. While extremely intelligent, the human mind has a tendency to wander.

10. Staying true to ourselves is far more important than we may ever realise.

11. Despite the constant thoughts that often lead us to believe otherwise, happiness is always within reach.

12. Ironically enough, emotions are not what confuse us most in life, but rather the thoughts we develop in order to reason them with.

13. Regardless of those thoughts, at the end of the day, sometimes our feelings will simply defy all logic; we should trust them anyway.