After hours of reading over endless beautiful words, strung together in sentences of pure magic, I’m beginning to think that perhaps I truly was a writer in a previous life. Perhaps the reason words have such a profound way of consuming my entire being is because in another time, in another world, they did just that on a daily basis. Something which would again, explain the constant daydreams of a world created simply by an adventurous pen, curiously brushing against a series of blank pages.

To others however, their impact can quite often be far less memorable.

To some people, the ocean is their haven and to others, it seems to be the wind behind the trees. To me however, it is and always has been the magical realm of jumbled letters spread so elegantly across a page. Telling the kind of stories that some of us could only dream of; bringing them to life with the spark of but a single, fleeting thought.

To some, they are just words. Words created purely out of habit by the letters they learned as a child and anything beyond that is both irrelevant and non existent. To others however, others like me, they are not only an insight into their inner most thoughts but they are a gateway to their soul, shining light on some of their darkest moments to anyone courageous enought to not only brave the depths of another, but the ripples that may well be caused within the depths of themselves.

More often than not, the beauty of words and the magic behind them is not necessarily hidden within the actual words themselves, nor is it found in the vulnerability behind them, but rather the way in which they unwillingly give us the power to be completely vulnerable within ourselves. The way they give us permission to unknowingly bare a small piece of our soul in a way that we otherwise may never have recognised and in my opinion, the growth that comes alongside that is a rarity. A rarity that should not only be embraced with each passing opportunity, but cherished for the beautiful blessing that it is.

Too often in life we close ourselves off to the world, hiding our most fragile parts in fear of judgement and instead, we parade around a facade of bravery to anyone oblivious enough to accept it. Sometimes however, if we’re lucky, we stumble across someone just brave enough to share a small piece of themselves with the world and every now and again, if we’re really lucky, that spark of bravery sets light to a fire of courage in all those who stumble upon it; simply from a few jumbled up letters spread so elegantly across a page. Letters that if stumbled upon by a curiously adventurous set of eyes, have the very real potential to change the world in an instant.

So while to some, that slight spark of bravery may have simply been but a few meaningless, jumbled words that filled a series of blank pages, to others, those pages may have just been the blank spaces to a story that they have spent nearly their entire life trying to make sense of; a story that now, has an entirely different ending.