“Isn’t it funny how day by day, nothing much changes, but when you look back everything is different.” – C.S. Lewis

For a little while now I suppose you could say that I have been doing my best, day by day to simply make sense of the confusion and put one foot in front of the other; hoping beyond hope that I was heading in the right direction and up until now, for the most part, I really had no idea just where it was that I would actually end up.

Now however, for quite possibly the first time in my entire life, I have reached a point of such overwhelming contentment with the world that I am almost lost for words and as cliché as it may sound, honestly, I could not be happier with the way that life is beginning to play out.

All of the confusion, all of the heartache, all of the dead end roads and all of life’s clever little lessons has without a doubt led me to this very moment; the moment the stars aligned and all of the previously jumbled puzzle pieces finally fell together.

The moment when life waved it’s magical little wand over everything I had ever known, creating something so effortlessly beautiful that it almost instantly took my breath away.

Just one swift little wave of magic and sure enough, the Universe had yet again blessed me with something so completely wonderful that no amount of words could even begin to describe. A blessing so rare and so precious that it was almost beyond human comprehension and while I have always believed in the notion that eventually, at some point, I would end up exactly where I was meant to be; now I am completely certain of it.