There are days when I believe without a doubt, that we are indeed the ones who are busy shaping the world and yet still, there are days when I am certain that the world is in fact busy shaping us and I am slowly beginning to realise that more often than not, the two have a habit of colliding.

Some days we rely on the glow of the sun to light the way and other days, we appear to have more than enough inner light to shine entirely on our own.

Some days the worries of the world unintentionally weigh us down and other days, we are so blissfully blessed by the beauty of it all, that it subconsciously radiates from every inch of our being.

Some days there is not a single thing in this world that makes sense to us and we find ourselves almost lost in the haze of confusion and other days, our predestined path becomes so blatantly clear that the footsteps almost begin to walk themselves.

Some days, despite the sea of people surrounding us, we are left feeling helplessly alone and other days, we are reminded that regardless of our circumstance, we have been blessed with more angels than we could ever possibly need.

Some days the world appears to be so damaged and broken that we begin to question just where it was we went wrong and other days, a simple smile from a stranger is enough to renew all hope in humanity.

Some days the mere concept of faith is lost on us entirely and we are left with an endless list of unanswered questions and other days, those questions seem to almost answer themselves; leaving us with an overwhelming sense of contentment that quietly reassures us, all is yet again right in the world.

Some days life knocks us down with such force that we are left doubting whether we will ever find the strength to stand again and other days, we catch ourselves standing so tall and so proud that anything less becomes but a distant memory.

 Some days we find ourselves questioning every decision we have ever made, second guessing not only our thoughts but the endless array of emotions that follow and other days, it’s as though our entire life flashes before our very eyes and we are instantly made aware of the fact that every decision, every so called ‘mistake’ and every dead end road was designed to lead us to this very moment.

Some days we catch ourselves wandering so far off track that we begin to lose sight of the shore and other days, regardless of the direction in which we travel, life rewards us with sunny blue skies and the brightest of rainbows at every twist and turn.

Some days we wake without the faintest idea where the day ahead will take us, lost in the depths of our own dreams and desires and other days, we are free to float carelessly with the breeze, confident in the belief that the wind will carry us to the very place we are destined to be.

Some days we are the one’s to spontaneously surprise the world and other days, the world is the one to sneakily surprise us and more often than not, it becomes questionable as to which way it’s going to fall on any given day.

Some days the story seems to almost instantly write itself and other days, our once perfect pen suddenly runs out of ink. Some days we simply reach for a new one, courageously ready to start over and other days, we persevere with the challenge. Some days we continue to scribble away at the already blank pages, praying for the magic of a miracle and other days, we take a deep breath and we turn towards the next one, hoping beyond hope that this one tells us of a brighter story.

Some days we get lucky and that story spells out the tale of the life we’ve always dreamed of and other days, we get even luckier; stumbling across the makings of a story so unexpectedly magical, that even our imagination would have struggled to believe us.