Today we said goodbye to one of the most precious little angels that heaven may ever be blessed with and while an unexpected farewell is never easy, when it comes to the life of this particular angel, there were always far more smiles than there were tears and I am pleased to say that today was no exception.

Ninety-four years in an ever changing world and still, she never once lost her magic. With a spirit that outshone that of most people half her age and a smile brighter than the brightest of stars, she had the ability to light up a room in an instant. She adored her vintage necklace collection almost as much as her rainbow coloured handbags and every single time without fail, she would somehow find a way to remind us all just how happy she was to have lived such a long and wonderful life.

She was our own beautiful little ray of sunshine for a great number of years and while very few people are blessed enough to ever have the pleasure of meeting their great relatives, I was lucky enough to create countless memories with not just one, but two of mine and for that, I will be forever thankful.

Ninety-four years worth of smiles, laughter and irreplaceable memories and although she may no longer be with us, it is days like today that remind us all she is never far from sight. Just like always, she is still sparkling and shining quite possibly more than ever before and while the location of the party itself may have moved for the time being, I can guarantee you that her and Grandma are still just as busy swapping stories and causing trouble, almost as though they never missed a beat.