Today, you fell asleep in my arms and I was blessed with a fleeting moment of magic; one of the sweetest, simplest joys that in many ways, you almost come to expect when you have a brand new bundle of your own. Except the thing is, you really aren’t brand new anymore and as much as I wish they weren’t, moments like these are few and far between.

You’re ten months old now; which I’m sure to the rest of the world still sounds so tiny, but to us, you couldn’t be more grown up. Every single day while you need us a little more, there are countless moments where you need us a little less and every single day, the balance between the two shifts. Something that I am still learning to take in my stride.

Some days you brush your own teeth and other days you let me brush them for you.

Some days you sit there quietly, opening your mouth for each and every spoonful of your favourite breakfast treat and other days, you’re constantly trying to steal the spoon and do it for yourself.

Some days you sit there with me, happily rummaging through your toys as you dance along to our favourite music and other days, you’re off exploring the world all on your own.

Some days you smile from ear to ear as I read the adventures of “Little Puppy” and other days, you race to your bookshelf, pull the entire pile down all at once and then you read each one, page by page, all by yourself.

Some days you barely leave my side, desperate to be as close as physically possible and other days, you climb to the top of the stairs all on your own, without ever looking back.

Some days you need me almost a little too much and other days, you hardly need me at all and then every once in a while, there are days like today. Days where in amongst the madness, without even realising it, you gave me one of the greatest gifts of all.

Today, when you tucked your precious little head into my chest, wrapped your legs around my waist and drifted off ever so peacefully into the land of dreams, you took every last little inch of my heart with you and while it may have only been fleeting, in that very moment you made time stand still. ❤️